SSA 27社区活动 & Placemaking格兰特

Lakeview Special Service Area (SSA) 27 is pleased to offer its 社区活动 & 地方营造补助金计划, 哪个提供最多5美元,000 in financial assistance and technical support for unique events and projects taking place in the Lakeview neighborhood. 由SSA 27提供资金, the Program furthers our goals to create memorable experiences and promote the neighborhood within the boundaries of the SSA.

由ssa 27资助的2024社区活动




有食物的终极妈妈之夜, 跳舞, 照片哦, 供应商, 赃物袋, 门奖, 和更多的. Free admission with a donation of a new, to like-new, newborn to age 12 item for Cradles to Crayons.


妈妈的唯一! 21+




星期六,6月22日上午9点,直到售罄 南安普顿的 Plaza along the 湖景镇的低压线路 (芝加哥南港大道3410号,芝加哥60657)


由南港邻居协会主办的工厂销售活动., 将以本地花卉为特色, 莎草, and ferns that are suited to our local ecosystem and especially selected for their ability to support pollinators, 鸟, 和其他野生动物. This sale aims to empower the Lakeview community to transform our neighborhood with thriving native flora. 会有多年生开花植物, 莎草, 或者蕨类植物,以适应你的景观-无论它是阳光明媚的, 背阴的或中间的.


We are capturing your stories, music, and the sounds of our neighborhood. 来看看可驾驶钢琴吧, 播放你最喜欢的歌曲, 讲坏爸爸的笑话, 甚至分享你对音乐的影响. @DriveByPianist will have platform interviews and live feeds, sharing the SSA 27 with the world. 日期及地点:

1.  格蕾丝 & 南港(6/4 6p-8p)
2.  拉辛 & 贝尔蒙特(6/18 5 -7p)
3.  宝利娜布朗线站(6/27 12p-2p)
4.  南港棕线站(6/30 1p-3p)
5.  南安普顿的 & 贝尔蒙特(7/7 1p-3p)
6.  亚什兰 & 学校(7/17 12p-2p)
7.  亚什兰 & 林肯(7/28)
8.  林肯 & 泰华施(8/7暂定)
9.  林肯 & 惠灵顿(8月20日暂定)
10. 亚什兰 & Wolfram(8月25日暂定)


Saturday, July 20th at the 南安普顿的 Plaza along the 湖景镇的低压线路 (芝加哥南港大道3410号,芝加哥60657)

Story7 Inc presents "International Pop Down" at the 南安普顿的 Plaza along the 湖景镇的低压线路 features local pop up 供应商, a live painter and DJs performing along with live musicians. Come listen to the international sounds while checking out local arts and 工艺品 供应商.


JCC Chicago Apachi Day Camps presents the 4th annual 无尽的夏天, a pop-up day camp experience in the fall that will offer activities, 游戏, 工艺品, entertainment and camp-like festivities to take advantage of the last days of beautiful Chicago weather.


The Japanese Culture Center (JCC) and Japanese Arts Foundation (JAF), in conjunction with the Chicago Chapter of the Ikenobo Society and Ohara Ryu School of Ikebana, will be presenting the 4th annual Ikebana Walk along the 南安普顿的 Corridor in Lakeview. 花道两所学校的插花, as well as Origami art and Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) will be displayed in the storefront windows of local businesses in the original Japantown of Chicago for this free event.


CircEsteem is bringing a FREE Circus show to a park near you! They are excited to be presenting their 4th Annual "CircEsteem芝加哥夏季巡演," bringing entertainment and education all across the city. CircEsteem strongly believes in bringing the circus into neighborhoods, providing them with opportunities to gather and build community. Bring out the whole family to enjoy a 45-minute performance featuring acts of juggling, 杂技, 独轮脚踏车, 空中丝绸, 钢索, 和更多的. 演出结束后, they'll invite the youth of the audience to step into the circus ring for a 30-minute workshop where they can try their hand at some of the skills we teach. You don't have to run away to join the circus this Summer!

Raqs Hafla:中东舞蹈展览

Enjoy an an hour-long concert of solo and group acts which highlight different dances of the Middle East, performed by a mix of diverse dancers to provide a more comprehensive experience of Chicago's variety of artists. 由Bellydance由Phaedra提供



5pm Master Naturalist Park tour (meet on West Side of Gross Park)

Park your picnic and SNAG YOUR SEAT on the east side lawn pre performance and join Planted Green at 5pm on the West side of Henderson (by Ravenswood) for a Gross Park native garden tour by Sara Strother, 主人的博物学家. Sara will explain the importance of native plants to our planet’s ecological health, and demonstrate how Planted Green and neighbor volunteers are helping to make Gross Park a model greenspace recognized by the National Wildlife Federation, 君主看, 传粉者和学龄前儿童.

6pm SMC Plays Midsummer Mayhem: All the devils are here (East Lawn of Gross Park)

Midsummer Mayhem production is a mashup of classical Shakespeare scenes built around a central theme. 期待喜剧、悲剧、打斗、动作和音乐. This 45 minute production is appropriate for all ages and even people who aren’t sure if they like Shakespeare. SMC Plays is a not-for-profit Chicago theatre company that has been telling Shakespeare stories since 1992


Socialize after with with bites and treats from Frasca and Churro Parlor

申请2024 SSA 27社区活动 & Placemaking格兰特

社区活动 & 地方营造补助金计划 (the “Program”) is funded by Lakeview Special Service Area 27 (“SSA 27”) and administered by the 湖景镇罗斯科村商会 (“Chamber”) to serve the commercial and residential district within the SSA 27 service boundaries. The goal of the Program is to support the development of more events and public programming serving our community through grants and other technical assistance. The Program furthers the organization’s goals to create memorable experiences and promote the neighborhood, providing support and funding for organizations or individuals planning special events, ongoing public programming and creative placemaking activities.